Investor Consulting

Reduce risk.

We make sure that IT budgets are used to finance sustainable services by evaluating technology stacks and IT strategies.

IT Assessment

Detailed technology assessment of the company to evaluate the current environment, the state and quality of the developed IT solution and the competency of the development team.

  • Technical architecture reviews
  • General security and operating practices
  • Application and data management
  • Change management procedures

Technical due diligence for investment and acquisition

During the evaluation of a company prior to investment, performing an IT assessment is vitally important to unfold possible risks brought about by the state of their software and development processes. The shape of these have a profound impact on scaleability, maintenance costs and even on finding new employees.

Ongoing support and guidance

Building a sustainable, scaleable and performant application is no simple task. It requires continuous adherence to high standards, proper development processes and a competent team.

Through ongoing support and guidance by our team, faster time to market, higher quality and lower costs of development and maintenance can be achieved.