Enterprise Consulting

Solutions at scale.

We evaluate existing systems, tools and frameworks to assess suitability and suggest improvements.

IT Assessment

Detailed technology assessment of the company to evaluate the current environment, the state and quality of the developed IT solution and the competency of the development team.

  • Technical architecture reviews
  • General security and operating practices
  • Application and data management
  • Change management procedures

Technical due diligence for investment and acquisition

Adjust the capabilities of your IT organisation to meet the business’ requirements. A weak IT strategy can be expensive and wasteful, especially when resources are a constraint. The lack of strategic and future-proof thinking will result in an ineffective IT organisation and makes innovation impossible.

Building sustainable, scaleable and performant IT solutions is no simple task. It requires continuous adherence to high standards, proper business processes and a competent team.

Through ongoing support and guidance by our team, faster time to market, higher quality and lower costs of development and maintenance can be achieved.